"Let's make a movie!"

Welcome!  I'm Fat Face, official spokesperson of The Chublin Brothers, and makin' movies is what we're all about.  It's getting together with the people we like and having a blast putting together a video.  We're not here to make anything like "money" or "a difference";  we just do this because it's the funnest thing ever.

The videos are low budget.  They're sometimes scripted on the spot.  But I think they are also entertaining and engaging and funny.  Of course, at times, they can also suck, but we don't talk about that as much.

That being said, check out the 'Videos' link above.  Hopefully you'll enjoy the shorts you see, and feel some of the same excitement and passion we had in making them.  If you do, there's even more to see over at our YouTube channel, as well as with my buddies in the "links" section.  

-Fat Face

And I'm Tom. I run the place...


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